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We're sorry you won't be able to join us for your Course of Dive.  Please consider rescheudling if possible, fees are less and even if you cant pick a date right now you can reschedule into a gift certificate that can be used in the future. 

We sorry we have to charge fees but please understand we only offer so many classes each year and small ratios to make it fun and educational.  Besides incurring expenses for courses and dives we will most likely not be able fill your space at the last minute if you've been holding one of the spaces.

If you would like to cancel your course or dive, please fill out and submit the information below. Within 30 days from the date of your course, you will receive a refund check for your course or dive fees minus any fees (25% cancellation administration fee plus the cost of any class materials that have been given to you).

 *Note- For In-Water Courses: all cancellations must be entered by EOB the Wednesday before your course. For all other courses, cancellations must take place at least 1 full business day prior to the date of your course. Cancellations entered after that time will not be processed.

 To proceed with your request. Click the link below, you'll see it's a no charge item, we just need the order proof that you would like to cancel your course or dive.  You won't have to make any payment. 

 Once your click below and area taken to the checkout, please enter the following in the notes during checkout:

 Diver Name 

 Course or Dive Date

Course or Dive location

 Mailing Address to Recieve Check

 Cancel My Course or Dive