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AQUARIUM PHOTO DIVE Take the Best Underwater Pictures in Maryland

You've Done the Dive-Now Take Your Camera in the Tank!

The Aquairum Photo Dive is something we only offer a couple times each year.  It's open to all divers who have already been on an Aquarium Dive with us.   Take the best underwater pictures that Maryland has to offer.  

Prerequisites – Must be a Certified Open Water Diver. Must be 18 years old. (PADI Scuba Diver Certification does not qualify as certification) and have completed the Aquarium Dive us in the past at least once.

The dive is approximately 40 minutes in the Atlantic Coral Reef Exhibit on the fourth floor. The exhibit is 13 feet deep with 335,000 gallons of saltwater at 76 degrees. There are only 6 divers in each group.

The Photo dives are very limited and once a date is registered/paid for it is yours- no refunds or reschedules (like a ticket to a concert or sporting event).

Divers are responsible for supplying thier own camera. 

Do You Want to Get a Certification For Your Photo Dive?

You have an option to receive the PADI Aquarium Photographer Diver Distinctive Specialty. This certification would count towards Master Scuba Diver if you ever expect to aspire to the highest rating in diving. There is an additional $40 charge for this specialty.

Aquarium Dive Paperwork

Aquarium Dive Description

 Aquarium Dive Paperwork Packet


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