So, you’ve done your Learn to Dive class (confined water class/pool) and you’re ready to do your checkout dives!  The Checkout Dive process is the fun part of getting certified – you get to go out diving in Open Water and dive for real!

There are four checkout dives you need to complete, and we do these in two days (generally over a weekend).  Just about all of the skills are skills you already learned in the pool, like clearing your mask, controlling your buoyancy, etc., plus one or two new skills like using a compass.

Course Cost: $249.00 (Includes Certification Fee)

Local Lakes for Training Dives

To make getting your dives in convenient, Atlantic Edge offers checkout dives at the following locations:

Both lakes are excellent places to do training dives – in fact, they are set up specifically for that purposes.  They offer easy entry/exit points, platforms with lines for performing skills and some cool sunken attractions to check out while you’re doing your dives.

Atlantic Edge will provide all the gear you need except for mask, fins and snorkel.  Don’t have your mask/fins/snorkel?  Don’t worry!  You can purchase them from us, or you can rent them for $49 (when you register you can select an option to rent them).

We have student packages that include: mask, snorkel, fins and boots starting at $169. Click Here or Give us a call if you would like to get your own personal gear.

Sign up today, and let the fun begin!  (Click Here for FAQs)