I had a blast in this class.  The low instructor/student ratio makes learning really easy and fun, and becuase Atlantic Edge was going to let us come back if we didn’t get all the material the entire environment was very low-stress.  I highly recommend Atlantic Edge if you’re contemplating getting your dive certification.

Garrett Simmons

Excellent trip!! Bonaire is a divers paradise! Some logged over 30 dives on this trip, sometimes 6 a day. The night dives on the Buddy House reef were phenomenal. Buddy Dive is truly “eat, sleep (buddy) Dive!”. Thanks to trip leader, Terry, for the excellent service and attention. And to Shane who’s knowledge of the island and dive sites is second to none. Both assured all of our expectations were met (and exceeded) and we hit all the signature dive sites on the island. A very smooth and memorable trip. Thanks!


great class!  i highly recommend at alantic edge.

Andrew Watkins

This trip is my idea. I was in Fiji for a land-based trip a few years ago and it was exceptional. I also have been on several Aggressor Fleet live-aboard trips and they too were exceptional. So this time I thought we would put two-and-two together (Fiji and a live-aboard) for a great trip. Fiji is generally shallow water diving as we usually hang-out on the reefs looking at the millions of small fishes enjoying the beauty of the world’s largest soft coral reefs. This is a photographer’s dream trip but even if you are not a photographer you will love diving in Fiji. The ship we will be on only accommodates 10 divers and we will have the entire boat for ourselves. If you have any questions about this proposed trip please feel free to drop me a note and I will do the best I can to answer. I can be reached at bob@atlanticedge.com. Hope to see you on this trip. Bob Frank MSDT #291482

Bob Frank

Great class – the process was smooth, the instructors were great! I would highly recommend Atlantic Edge ify ou are interested in getting your scuba certification.

Tim Hopkins