Course Cost: 249.00 (Includes Certification Fee)



Up until this point your diving has been focused on developing your skills to become a better diver. As a Rescue Diver you will learn not only how to take care of yourself but how to look out for the others around you as well. You will learn emergency management skills and how to handle situations that may arise while diving, and more importantly you will learn what to look for to prevent situations from arising in the first place.

Our Rescue Diver course is done over a weekend.  The course will focus on three concentrations – knowledge development, skills development, and rescue scenarios. The first day of the course will be dedicated to knowledge development and skills development. We will discuss the lessons in our books and get in the water to develop our Rescue skills. On Sunday we will put the skills we learned on Saturday into practice, participating in a series of Rescue scenarios to test our skills and apply what we have learned to practice.


– Advanced Open Water Certified

– Must have a current EFR/First Aid certification – Take EFR the Saturday of your course right at the quarry! – Book your EFR



Rescue Diver Forms

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Rescue Diver Course Description

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