Course Cost: $395



Atlantic Edge is the only local dive shop offering a one day Learn to Dive program with NO hidden costs & NO extra purchase requirements!!

All you bring is your completed E-Learning paperwork, a swimsuit, & a towel. After completing the class you will leave with your referral in hand to take to your Open Water Training dives.


All of Atlantic Edge classes have a 1:2 instructor to student ratio and are completed in one day all on site.

  • This individualized attention is what allows us to offer a one day class that covers the classroom and pool portions of the certification.
  • Classes are offered all year round, almost every weekend in different locations throughout the DC/MD/VA area.
  • Upon registration we send you an E-Learning link so you can start your learning right away.
  • Atlantic Edge is a PADI 5 Star Facility.  Our passionate instructors are held to the highest standards and they strive to go above and beyond student expectations.   We have been your local dive shop since the early 90’s.
  • Want more time in the water?  Once you complete your first Learn to Dive class you can sign up for as many additional water sessions as you like to get comfortable or master any skill for just $25 each extra session!


Complete your SCUBA Certification in just 2 simple steps!

1 – Choose when and where to complete your class and pool 1- day all-inclusive course

  • Upon registration we will send you an E-Learning link so you can start right away!
  • Our convenient one-day course allows students to complete their classroom portion and pool all on the same day in one location
    • We have classes all around Maryland, Virginia, and D.C.
    • Want more time in the pool? As long as you complete your original course to the best of your abilities you can get in the water again as many times as you want for just $25 each extra session.  We want all our divers to feel comfortable in the water!
  • Atlantic Edge PROVIDES ALL THE GEAR you need for class.
    • Students interested in purchasing gear get a special student discount!
    • Gear purchased over the phone or through our online store can be put on our truck and delivered right to your class, or you can come by our shop in Gaithersburg and have one of our specially trained staff members help you pick out gear.
  • Pass the course and receive the Padi Open Water Referral Form
    • Use this form to complete your Open Water Training Dives
    • Included in your course cost!

2 – Open water training dives: $249.00

  • INCLUDES ALL SCUBA EQUIPMENT (regulator, b.c., tanks, weights, wetsuit, hood, gloves)
    • Mask, Snorkel, Fins, and Boots are not included in the course cost. These items can be purchased in store, online, or over the phone and delivered right to the dive site or rented and picked up at the dive site.
  • 4 dives over 2 days
  • Join us during the Spring, Summer, or Fall at a local quarry (quarry entrance fee not included in course cost)
    • Hyde’s
    • Dutch Springs
    • Millbrook
  • Join one of our many exotic trips and complete your certification during the first two days.
  • Bring your Open Water Referral Paper with you on your pre-planned vacation to complete your dives almost anywhere in the world with almost any PADI shop.

Once you complete these two steps you are certified for life!  It is then time to join us at the National Aquarium in Baltimore for the best local dive around, or on one of our many dive trips to an exotic destination.  Learning to dive opens a world of opportunities most will only dream of.  Imagine diving the reefs in Grand Cayman, discovering wrecks in the Florida Keys, taking under water photographs, and much more!  You can also begin taking specialty courses once you have completed your Open Water Certification.

Atlantic Edge conducts the class and pool skills in one day, but that does not mean everyone can complete it in one day, or may just wish to spend extra time in the pool to gain even more confidence and experience. We offer our students the opportunity to repeat the entire 4 hour pool session for $25. That way those that can complete the skills in one day are all set to go to the next step. Those that wish to practice some more can attend another session. Check out our testimonials. We want all of our students to be safe and confident divers.

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